I am running for President of the United States of America. We stand at the crossroads where we can either head into a Golden Age or into the Darkness. Incredible innovation and solutions, which have been created by everyday Americans, already exist for energy, education, health, affordable housing and much more. What stands in the way are the old guard of career politicians, political hacks, lawyer-lobbyists and academics who pervade Washington and local government with corruption and crony capitalism that chokes and suffocates these innovations and solutions from reaching us. America becomes great when innovators, entrepreneurs, working people with skills and those committed to using common sense and reason run this country. The Founders of America were blacksmiths, engineers, soldiers, architects, entrepreneurs, scientists — they actually worked for a living and produced through their labor, products and services to help other citizens.

I stand before you as someone who is a personification of the American Dream. My parents and I left the caste system of India in 1970 where we were considered low caste “Untouchables” and “Deplorables”. We first settled in Paterson, NJ and I went through the public school system where I was fortunate to have come across incredibly dedicated teachers, coaches and mentors.



Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the Inventor of Email, holds 4 degrees from MIT, is a Fulbright Scholar, and has started 7 successful hi-tech companies including EchoMail, CytoSolve and Systems Health. He is currently the Founder and CEO of CytoSolve, Inc., which is discovering cures for major diseases from Pancreatic Cancer to Alzheimer’s. He is also the Founder of Center for Integrative Systems that is the home of Innovation Corps and C.L.E.A.N./R.A.W. certifications.

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Born Fighter

On my 7th birthday, in 1970, I left India and came to America: to this land of incredible opportunity. As a kid, I learned from my parents, teachers, coaches, and friends that what mattered most was Truth — to uncover it, share it and fight for it. That core value is THE foundation of the America Dream. And my life has been about fighting for Truth, at every step.

  • 2017 Future of Email: Educating Citizens on the Dangers of Modern Email

    “Free” email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. may be subverting our freedom by owning our email communications. Shiva proposes that the US Postal Service provide a truly secure public email service to protect citizens.

  • 2012-2017 Victory for the Inventor of Email. Defeat for Fake News & Gawker Media

    Shiva fought back relentlessly against the Fake News and defamation he endured from Gawker Media, eventually prevailing in January of 2017 when he was awarded $750,000 by Gawker Media, to settle his lawsuits against them.

  • 2015 Scientific Activism: Using Science to Discover the Truth About GMO Safety

  • 2013 Speaking Out for More Women in Science at Sages & Scientists Symposium

    On a panel at the Sages & Scientists Symposium where only one woman scientist, among nearly 15 others, was on stage, Shiva made it a point to speak out at the lack of encouragement and recognition for women in science.

  • 2012-2014 Vindication for Protecting Indian Science and Innovation

    Justice takes far too long. Prime Minister Modi met with Shiva in 2012 and recognized his accomplishments. Later, Time Now Anchor Arnab Goswami in 2014 shared with India and the world how Shiva was harassed and hounded out of India in 2009 by CSIR officials.

  • 2012 Innovation Anytime, Anyplace, by Anybody

    Following the Smithsonian’s request and receipt of artifacts documenting Shiva’s invention of email in Newark, NJ, vitriol and attacks were unleashed on the Internet and MSM, who sought to destroy the truth: Innovation can occur Anytime, Anyplace by Anybody. Shiva fought back.

  • 2011-2013 Saving the US Postal Service Through Digital Technologies

    Upon hearing of the potential bankruptcy of the US Postal Service, Shiva spoke out, and was later commissioned by the USPS to define solutions. He delivered two (2) reports with ideas on how the USPS could generate billions in new revenue.

  • 2009 Whistleblower on Corruption in Indian Science

    After writing a honest report exposing corruption in Indian Science, Shiva was fired, evicted, threatened, and forced to flee India via Nepal. Nature India commissioned him to write “Innovation Demands Freedom,” which was published. Later the PM Office of India threatened the Nature India Editor, forcing it to be pulled…

  • 2007 Protesting Against US Involvement in the Iraq War

    At MIT’s 142nd Commencement, Shiva protested the War in Iraq with a sign “US OUT OF IRAQ” as he was awarded his degree. He had made the sign using posterboard and carried the sign under his gown. He was upset that no “eminent” speaker said anything about the War, while…

  • 1999-2000 Grassroots Activism Through Email

    Email provided a new vehicle for grassroots political organizing. EchoMail, another of Shiva’s inventions, enabled small and large non-profits and organizations to mobilize using email. In fact, the George Bush for President in 2000 used EchoMail’s capabilities for grassroots mobilization.

  • 1994-1998 Arts-Online: Pioneering a Revolution in Art

    The WWW provided a revolutionary opportunity for artists. Shiva created Arts-Online, a pioneering social entrepreneur experiment to enable artists and arts organizations to go direct. Thousands of artists and organizations were on-boarded.

  • 1989 Exposing Hypocrisy of “Liberal” Intellectuals at MIT

    MIT administration “honored” MLK’s legacy, while on campus instituting segregationist policies against poor whites and blacks. Shiva led the February 10 Coalition to expose this hypocrisy on the occasion of the MLK event.

  • 1986 Chasing off the Genocidal Leader of Sri Lanka from MIT

    The MIT administration invited the fascist and genocidal Sri Lankan leader, who was butchering the Tamil people. Shiva organized protests to chase him off campus & demanded release of an MIT Tamil physicist, who was being tortured.

  • 1986 Building Solidarity Among Workers & Students from MIT to South Africa

    Most “liberal” activists sought to contain the anti-apartheid movement, and disconnect it from struggles right at home in Massachusetts. Shiva efforts linked the struggles of workers of South Africa and food service workers as well as poor and minority students right at home at MIT.

  • 1986 Burning the South African Flag in Show of Solidarity to End Apartheid

    Shiva marched and led a protest from Boston University across the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, ending at the MIT Student Center Steps. He then proceeded to burn the South African flag, while MIT Police, white and black, allowed him to do it.

  • 1985 Fighting Sexism to Ensure Women In Engineering and Science

    Recognizing the need for more women in science and engineering, Shiva was outspoken against sexism. He was one of few male students who raised his voice following MIT’s removal of the Dean for Women Students Office.

  • 1985 Historic Anti-Apartheid Protest on MIT President’s Office

    MIT while claiming to be a “liberal” institution was investing in the racist and apartheid government of South Africa. Shiva led a major protest of students and workers to demand MIT cease these investments..

  • 1983 Student Activism and a Change Agent for Student Governance

    MIT’s insensitivity to effects of tuition increases on students, particularly poor and minority, and growing lack of governance in student government, compels Shiva’s activism and increased participation.

  • 1982 Fighting Student Corruption: MIT Ring Committee

    Shiva Ayyadurai proposed legislation to prohibit MIT Ring Committee members from receiving FREE rings from vendors, who were bidding, on grounds of conflict of interest.

Award-Winning Inventor & Accomplished Scientist

The Founding Fathers created a revolutionary nation in which innovation, education, creativity, and meritocracy flourished. Those core values drew my family to immigrate to the United States, and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities I’ve found here. Now I’m committed to preserving, protecting, and expanding those opportunities for all Americans. That’s the new American Revolution, and I hope you’ll join me in this fight.

  • 2017 Systems Health – Educating & Bringing Together Eastern and Western Medical Professionals

    Shiva authored a three-volume set of books on Systems Health, which delivers a breakthrough curriculum for integrating eastern medicine and western science. This curriculum is part of the Systems Health® training and certification program.

  • 2015 CytoSolve – Accelerating Drug Development. Alnylam In Vivo Study Confirms CytoSolve’s In Silico Predictions

    CytoSolve modeled the molecular pathways of Hereditary Angio Edema. The computer results from CytoSolve matched the results from in vivo mouse experiments, demonstrating the viability of CytoSolve to accelerate decisions to clinical trials in the drug development process.

  • 2014 Launched Systems Health

    Systems Health is a bold new educational technology that unifies Eastern medicine with Western systems theory.

  • 2012 Nature Biotechnology Citation: CytoSolve, An Enabling Platform for Multi-Combination Therapeutics

    The need for multi-combination therapeutics computer-based, in silico, technology solutions. In this article, CytoSolve is the only platform cited as having the capability to allow “the combination of alternative models and generation of consensus hypotheses.”

  • 2012 Reports Commissioned by USPS

    The USPS-OIG commissioned Shiva Ayyadurai to compile research reports on how electronic communications can produce new sources of revenue for the USPS.

  • 2011 Launched CytoSolve – In Silico Drug Development

    CytoSolve is a new company based on an advanced computational systems platform that aims to accelerate development of multi-drug combinations using quantitative modeling of complex molecular pathways, while significantly and perhaps even reducing the need for animal testing.

  • 2011 Biomimetics of Communication and Media

    Organizations are organisms. In this work, it is proposed that communication flow through organizations can be better understood from emerging discoveries of intra- and inter-cellular signaling and communications in Systems Biology.

  • 2010 Systems Visualization – A New Course at MIT

    Systems Visualization is a new course that integrates four different areas: systems theory, narrative storytelling, data representation and visual metaphors. This new course was first tested at a conference workshop, leading to a now a formal course at MIT, now in its third semester.

  • 2010 International Center for Integrative Systems

    International Center for Integrative Systems aims to be the world’s leading Center pioneering scientific research for developing new methodologies for integrating, understanding, and visualizing large scale complex systems such as media & telecommunication infrastructure, healthcare, transportation systems and innovation & governance systems.

  • 2009 Translational Model for Indian Innovation

    As the first Outstanding Scientist/Technologist of Indian Origin (STIO), a new model for innovation was built to translate existing inventions extant in India’s national labs to the public.

  • 2007 East Meets West

    In 2007, Shiva was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to India to study the intersection of Eastern and Western Medicine.

  • 2007 Whole Cell Modeling – Scalable Integration of Pathway Models

    The cell can be considered as an interconnection of multiple molecular pathways. Recent transition from diagrammatic representation of molecular pathways to models, provided an opportunity to create a computational platform for scalable integration of molecular pathway models.

  • 2006 General Interactive – An Ecosystem for Innovation

    An ecosystem for converting ideas to businesses.

  • 2006 LogoCat – Collaborative and Distributed Brand Design

    Creation of logos, branded materials, brochures, and websites can be an onerous task, especially for fixed price. LogoCat provided a new workflow process for supporting the concept, design and revision phases within a collaborative environment of designers, engineers and project managers to deliver rapid and cost-effective branded materials.

  • 2005 eMedics – Wellness in the WorkPlace

    Workplace absenteeism can be lowered with providing employees regular diagnostics and preventative healthcare. A HIPAA compliant system is developed and tested to prove the viability to deliver private health information while aiding employers with key metrics for actionable events to support wellness in the workplace.

  • 2004 US Patent: System and Method for Content-Sensitive Automatic Reply Message Generation

    US Patent obtained for a System and Method for Content-Sensitive Automatic Reply Message Generation.

  • 2003 US Patent: Relationship Management System and Method using Asynchronous Electronic Messaging

    US Patent obtained for Relationship Management System and Method using Asynchronous Electronic Messaging.

  • 1999 eGovernance – EchoMail selected by the US Senate

    After a competitive bidding process, EchoMail was selected, based on its merit, to deploy intelligent email management for US Senate offices. The technology provided the automatic analysis and categorization of inbound email to allow lawmakers to “listen” to their constituents.

  • 1997 Millennium Productions – Art and Information Technology

    Millennium Software Productions integrated arts and information technology in the emerging and revolutionary landscape of the world wide web. Hundreds of clients took advantage of Millennium’s technological and artistic resources to create impactful online presence.

  • 1997 Arts and the Internet

    A revolutionary guide for artists written at a time when few had any knowledge of the potential of world wide web. The book was the first of its kind on how the internet would impact selling, exhibiting, promoting, and creating artwork online.

  • 1996 Launched EchoMail – The A.I. in Email

    EchoMail emerged from the XIVA technology that Shiva created after winning the White House competition. AT&T was the first Fortune 1000 company to use EchoMail for intelligent management of large volumes of inbound email.

  • 1996 Harvard-Square.com: Pioneering Online Community for Local Businesses

    Harvard-Square.com provided many of the functions we see today in social media communities. Shiva educated and motivated local businesses to use the internet for sales, marketing and commerce. The Internet Guide to Publicity, a book, was written specifically to teach local businesses to take advantage of the internet.

  • 1996 Arts-Online: Pioneering Community for Arts Organizations Worldwide

    Arts-Online was launched to enable artists and arts organizations to use the world wide web to go direct to their audience without the need for gatekeepers.

  • 1993 Integrated Architecture for Handwritten Character Recognition

    Offline character recognition is far more difficult problem than online character recognition. An integrated hybrid system incorporating feature extraction, neural networks and dynamic learning is implemented for bank check digit recognition.

  • 1993 White House Competition to Analyse and Categorise Email

    Through the use of a hybrid approach integrating multiple pattern recognition approaches, emails are automatically categorized with high accuracy to win a competition sponsored by the Executive Office of the President.

  • 1992 Cross-Language Translator

    Ontological thesauri such as the NISO standards provide a mechanism to describe objects across languages. Such mechanisms within an application framework can be used to provide transliteration across multiple languages. A new cross-language translator is proposed.

  • 1991 Modeling of Complex Wave Phenomena Interaction with Hydrophones

    Hydrophones provide a mechanism for listening to underwater sound. Complex wave phenomena e.g. turbulence, shear stress, etc. require mathematical approaches to be developed to enhance accurate listening. New models were computationally developed and tested.

  • 1990 Visualizing Wave Propagation in Composites

    Complex wave phenomena in composite materials has been predicted since the 1800’s. A new computational approach is developed and validated from historical results. The model serves as a platform to test characterization and visualization of existing and new phenomena.

  • 1989 Visualization of Particle Motion in Fluidized Bed Reactor

    Integrated platform to track particle motion flow of liposome beads in a fluidized bed reactor is developed to automatically calculate various dynamic parameters e.g. velocity, accelleration, etc. with minimal human intervention.

  • 1988 Intelligent Design for Automatic Graphical Layout

    The layout of cereal boxes, brochures and other marketing materials appears to follow a “creative” process not well understood. A frame-based approach is designed and developed that automatically creates layouts based on creative parameters.

  • 1987 Freelance Plus – Business Graphics Software

    Early award-winning business graphics software for charting and presentation, a predecessor of MicroSoft Powerpoint. Freelance was designed to seamlessly integrate with Lotus 1-2-3.

  • 1987 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Bridge Decks

    Development of the initial computer architecture for an expert system for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Bridge Decks. Algorithms for pattern analysis of signals from ground-penetrating radar which provided features of deterioration, were incorporated into the system.

  • 1985 Operating System for Cardiology Image Analysis Workstation

    An inter-process calling (IPC) based operating system is developed for cardiologist’s workstation for analysis and management of static and real-time ultrasound images.

  • 1983 Controller for Cryo-Microscope for Freezing Bovine Embryos

    Freezing of bovine embryos requires controlling of ice-phase fronts to envelop an embryo in a time-ordered fashion, requiring among other elements: a controller. Shiva co-designed and built and tested the controller achieve the necessary freezing control dynamics.

  • 1981-1982 Tadoma Research

    In deaf-blind individuals, an amazing form of tactile communication takes place where the hand is used to sense up to 7 different signals. Shiva was fortunate to do research at the MIT Speech Lab data gathering and analysis of speech phonemes.

  • 1980 Ayyadurai’s Four Point Theorem

    After completing Calculus, Shiva’s school setup a special Independent Study program for him to learn Vector Analysis. This study resulted in a mathematical discovery and a publication in a local peer-reviewed mathematics journal.

  • 1978-1985 S.I.D.S. Research: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for Predicting Apnea

    In sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), an infant during an apnea may die. Correlations appear to exist between sleep stage patterns and the onset of an apnea. Two-dimensional imaging algorithms are exploited to discover such patterns.

  • 1978-1982 The Invention of Email

    In 1978, 14-year-old Shiva invents email — the system we know today, when he creates the electronic version of the old-fashioned interoffice paper mail system (inbox, outbox, folders, memo, attachments, etc.), and names it “email.” In 1982, he receives the first U.S. Copyright for “Email,” officially recognizing him as its…

The All-American Indian

I have lived the American Dream. I grew up playing baseball, playing soccer, having a paper route, while running my own small lawn mowing and snow shoveling businesses as a kid. Being selected by American Legion Boys State to represent my high school, and later being awarded a U.S. Fulbright Scholarship were all part of this incredible journey.

  • 2016 Constructing CytoSolve Office at Cambridge, MA

  • 2016 VA Shiva Systems Health Workshop at Cambridge, MA

    Systems Health training and certification workshops were launched to provide health and wellness practitioners a foundational science based on systems theory.

  • 2016 Meeting with Bill Koch – A Great American

  • 2015 Addressing the National Press Club at Washington DC

  • 2015 Sailing to Martha’s Vineyard

  • 2015 Entrepreneur Magazine – Serial Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Shiva was honored by Entrepreneur magazine for his commitment to, and history of entrepreneurship over the past 25 years.

  • 2014 Red Carpet Attending Tony Awards

  • 2014 Honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India

    Shiva was honored by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi of India, for inventing email. Their meeting resulted in discussions on innovation and health.

  • 2014 Livingston High School Hall of Fame

    Shiva was inducted into the Livingston High School Hall of Fame. This is a great honor, given the high quality of commitment to excellence taught by the faculty and administrators of Livingston High School.

  • 2012 Innovation Corps – Innovation Anytime, Anyplace, By Anybody

    Launched by Shiva in Newark, New Jersey, the Innovation Corps non-profit project aims to inspire young high-school innovators in inner cities and villages across the world.

  • 2007 East Meets West

    In 2007, Shiva was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to India to study the intersection of Eastern and Western Medicine.

  • 1999 Supporting the George W. Bush Presidential Campaign Through The Use of Intelligent Email Technology

    Shiva’s team at EchoMail sought to help both presidential candidates, Bush and Gore, to use intelligent email to enable grassroots campaigning. Only the Bush team used EchoMail. The results of the 2000 election were close, and technology like EchoMail clearly made a difference.

  • 1986 Supporting Union Workers for Fair Wages and Better Conditions

    Shiva led and organized protests to link the struggle of local 26 unions of food service workers with the struggle of workers fighting apartheid 10,000 miles away in South Africa.

  • 1981 Arriving at MIT: America’s Leading Science and Technology Institution

    Shiva arrived at MIT in September of 1981. On the front page of MIT’s official newspaper TechTalk, his invention of email was highlighted as an important achievement among 1,040 students.

  • 1980 Selection to American Legion Jersey Boys State

    Selected by vote of the Livingston High School faculty to attend Boys State, where Shiva learned the incredible value of the American Dream. He developed a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who fought to defend truth and freedom.

  • 1977 Winning County Junior High School Baseball Championship

    Shiva pitched and played shortstop for the championship team which won the County Junior High School baseball championship.

  • 1973 Little League Baseball

    Shiva arrived in America in 1970, knowing soccer and cricket. He got signed up to Little League Baseball and shortly thereafter became pitcher and shortstop. His love of the game began in Clifton, New Jersey.