Choose from a selection of images below to use to make your own materials to promote Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai for U.S. President in 2024.

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Style Guide


Dr.SHIVA 2024: Source Sans Black, Open Sans Condensed Bold.



Primary / Highlights: Red (Hex: #B10000, sRGB: 177,0,0. CYMK: 0,100,100,31. PMS: 3517c)

Secondary / Body Text: Black

Tertiary / Background: White

Dr.SHIVA 2024 Flyer, 8.5″x11″ (PDF)

Cards, Front & Back (PDF)

Dr.SHIVA 2024 Lawn Sign, 12×24″ (PDF)

Dr.SHIVA 2024 / Truth Freedom Health® Bumper Sticker, 3×11″ (PDF)

Truth Freedom Health® Sign, 12×24″ (PDF)

Truth Freedom Health® Banner (Transparent PNG)

Dr.SHIVA 2024 Logo (Transparent PNG)

Dr.SHIVA 2024 Independent Logo (Transparent PNG)