I support Dr.SHIVA 4 President. How can I help?

Wonderful! You can donate or volunteer at Shiva4President.com. Please come THURSDAY to Dr.SHIVA’s Town Hall. To RSVP: VASHIVA.com/Orientation. Finally, check out TruthFreedomHealth.com, to learn HOW to THINK, beyond Left & Right.

I love Dr.SHIVA’s videos and his entire approach. How can I get more involved?

Come THURSDAY to his Town Hall. RSVP: VASHIVA.com/orientation
Also, check out TruthFreedomHealth.com, where you learn to THINK beyond Left & Right. Did you know he’s running for President: Shiva4President.com? You can volunteer or donate.

Dr.Shiva was not born in the United States, how can he run for President?

Glad you are bringing this up! I had wondered the same thing. Dr. Shiva provides the answer right here. Shiva4President.com/FAQ#3. To donate or volunteer: Shiva4President.com. To attend his Open House each Thursday at 11am or 8pm, RSVP here: VASHIVA.com/Orientation

Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution referred to “native born” requirement for being President. However, “native born” was never defined. In fact the Maryland Legislature voted to make Marquis De Lafayette and his family native born US Citizens.

Regardless, the Constitution is not a fixed document. It changes with things called Amendments. The 5th and 14th Amendments combined with many Supreme Court rulings made it explicitly clear that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to discriminate between a Native Born and Naturalized Citizen.

Therefore, it is Unconstitutional to NOT allow DR.SHIVA to run and moreover to become President. This would violate those two Amendments, which abrogated/repealed Article 2 Section 1.

Finally, in 2011, the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION (FEC) ruled a Naturalized citizen can run for President and raise monies privately but just could not receive matching funds.

This is clear as day, he can run and be President.

If any of the States challenge him, we will take this all the way to the Supreme Court.



What is Dr.SHIVA’s platform?

Thanks for asking. Dr.SHIVA’s platform isn’t empty words. He has identified big problems & GIVES solutions at his Town Halls every THU.  RSVP: VASHIVA.com/orientation. To donate & volunteer for his campaign: Shiva4President.com His platform is here: Shiva4President.com/platform

Why do so many people outside the United States support Dr.SHIVA?

America controls WHO,NATO, WEF, etc. Shiva4President.com will make the world a better place for you & me. Please donate or volunteer. And, come to Dr.SHIVA’s next Open House for TruthFreedomHealth.com this THURSDAY. RSVP: VASHIVA.com/Orientation.

Why does Dr.SHIVA critique Trump or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

They’re NOT one of us. They don’t walk the walk. Check out: RFKExposed.com.  Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXONlwgHyiU. Shiva4President.com is one of us.  Donate or volunteer.  RSVP to come to this THURSDAY’S Open House: VASHIVA.com/Orientation.

Did Dr.SHIVA really invent email?

Yes. Find out all the facts about the invention of email at WholnventedEmail.com & at InventorOfEmail.com