Instructions: How to make and submit a petition packet.

  • ATTN: Two people are required for a valid petition packet: a) Circulator, and b) Signee. IF YOU’RE A SIGNEE, YOU CANNOT BE A CIRCULATOR. Have a friend, family member or colleague agree to be a Circulator. Then follow the steps below with them.
  • First print the Certificate Of Nomination form. This is the coversheet of the petition packet.
  • Fill in the County on the coversheet that the signatures are from in the blank field.
  • Stack the the 3 forms in order. First the Certificate of Nomination form on top, second the Signature sheet, third the Circulator Verification sheet.
  • Use 3 staples across the top edge in landscape orientation. One in the top left corner, top center, and top right. This will allow the signer to flip over the coversheet to sign the petition.

Once you download the Nomination Petition, do the following:

  • In column 2, under the heading “Registered Voter’s Printed Name,” of the nomination paper, as shown below, write name legibly so people can make out your first and last name.
  • In column 3, under the heading “Holographic Signature of Registered Voter,” sign your handwritten signature in black ink.
  • In column 5, under the heading “Street Address, City, Zip Code,” write Street Address, City and Zip Code. See example below. At the bottom of the sheet, to the right of “ONLY REGISTERED VOTERS OF,” write in the name of your City, as shown in the example below.
  • ATTN: Fill out all fields INCLUDING DOB. Even though it says “optional” excluding this field may result in the signature being rejected.

Place the Nomination Paper into the envelope addressed to your County Clerk.

Finally, you can hand in your petition packet or mail in the packet to your County Clerk.

When you are done, please send a text message to this number: (857) 425-6512 to notify us that you mailed in the nomination paper to your County Clerk. The text message should begin with the words “MAILED IN,” followed by your First and Last Name and your Town/City.