I/We agree with Dr.SHIVA, candidate for U.S. President, that America is on the wrong side of history concerning Israel. The only right thing to do is to send MILITARY AID to arm the Palestinian People to #DefeatZionism.

I declare my Independence from Zionism, which far too long has been the enemy to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, given the following:

  • Zionism is NOT Judaism but a racist, anti-Semitic political ideology manufactured in the 19th century to establish a homeland for Zionists
  • Zionists collaborated with Nazis to disarm and butcher Jews
  • The gruesome Israeli war against Palestinians in Gaza has been a well-planned construct by the racist Apartheid, Zionist Netanyahu regime;
  • Zionist forces targeted civilians and civilian structures, cutting off their water, food medical supplies and fuel for hospital generators, which is not only illegal under International Law but also a Crime Against Humanity
  • As of October 17, 2023 – 3,700 Gaza buildings, mostly residential have been targeted and destroyed by the Israeli Defense forces. 7,000 other Gaza buildings have been damaged. Approximately 2,800 Palestinian civilians have been killed, among which 700 were children. The IDF soldiers who carried out these bombings are to be individually held responsible for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity
  • The Gaza region is one of the most surveilled regions in the world. Artificial Intelligence(AI) surveillance tools, using Satellite, audio, video, signal, bugging and spying are integrated every few minutes to monitor, track, and surveil all citizens. Yet, Israel would have us believe that they did not observe Hamas crossing the border on gliders
  • It is a well-documented fact that Israel & MOSSAD created and financed Hamas
  • The RABID Zionist, Ben Shapiro’s Twitter post showing a burned baby is ”an AI-generated fake image, whose sole purpose is to incense the world against all Palestinians
  • There are Commercial Economic reasons for the Netanyahu regime to seek to oust all Palestinians. Namely, the rich and undeveloped 122 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1.7 billion barrels of oil

I/We, therefore, demand the United States government send military aid to the Palestinian people so they can defend themselves and #DefeatZionism to regain their land, dignity, economic & civil rights.

End The Lies, Stop The War

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