Wherever We Go – Hard Working People – Who Love America

Wherever we go - hard working people - who love America - come out with great LOVE and enthusiasm to be a part of history - for Truth Freedom Health.

#VoteForShiva – This is the BEST endorsement any US SENATE candidate could ever get!

Jeremy - a frontline engineer, farmer, & IT worker - with COMMON SENSE - will VOTE SEPTEMBER 1 Primary for Shiva 4 Senate.

Meet Dr.SHIVA – Newton, MA

A great day in Newton, MA meeting volunteers for Shiva 4 Senate and supporters of our campaign for Truth Freedom Health.

Meet Dr.SHIVA – New Bedford, MA

Had a great time in New Bedford, MA. One of my favorite videos of our travels. I’m truly honored and blessed to have #Shiva4Senate’s message of #TruthFreedomHealth inspire so many to unite with LOVE to create the world WE need & deserve.

Meet Dr. SHIVA- Middleborough, MA

Our incredible volunteers and supporters in Middleborough, MA delivered an awesome standout - bottom’s up - for Truth Freedom Health

Meet Dr.SHIVA – Framingham, MA

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai meets with voters at Framingham, MA