Welcome! The first step in being onboarded as a Shiva4President volunteer is for you to review and agree to the ground rules and confidentially agreement below. After review click the Submit button below.

Ground Rules




An confidentiality agreement is a standard protocol and its purpose is three-fold:

  1. There are State laws that prohibit individuals from being on multiple campaigns for the same office during the same election year. In addition, individuals affiliated with other campaigns cannot be on Shiva 4 President campaign;
  2. The disparagement clause acknowledges you will not make negative comments about anything in relation to Dr.SHIVA; and,
  3. The Non-Compete & Privacy clause is an agreement you will not steal, repackage and or sell any curriculum, literature, training or content from our websites. You will not share any information eg contact information that you may obtain from our campaign and or sell it to a third party.