Your Body, Your System


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“The wisdom of the East” is big business in America. There are probably more yoga studios in Santa Monica than in all of India. The problem is, the American way of yoga and meditation are out of sync with the real meaning of these practices. We’re putting the cart before the horse. In traditional times, instruction in yoga and meditation came only after years of service with a guru or teacher. The real purpose of yoga and meditation is not just to execute difficult poses or get calmed down after a hard day. The purpose is to create awareness and connection with a system that includes every aspect of yourself — and that system extends to encompass the whole world and even the infinite universe. This book will show how your body can be a laboratory for understanding the system that underlies it — leading to an intimate understanding of ALL systems in the universe. Further, you’ll learn to use that understanding as a gateway to grasping what physicists call “the theory of everything.” And it’s not just theory. It’s practical information that will improve your life in mind, body, and spirit.

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